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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Kids

Daanish Have grown so much... He's in standard 1 and asking so many questions that it is getting more more difficult to answer them. He is so proud that he got into first class out of 8 classes.. but he says susahlah asyik belajar-2 kat sekolah... breaktime pun 30 minute ... sempat makan jerrlah mak tak sempat nak main pun.... ala kesiannnya... transition from tadika to school has been tough on him.... kesian my baby boy...

                                           Daanish taking the dianogstik Exam for standard 1

As for Farzana she is still same old her (still 5 year old)... speaking only malay but she got into 6 year old class as she is advance from her classmates at 5 year old.... so there she is ... well i never force her to study when she comes home and i scold her if she brings any homework back... as far as i am concern until she is in tadika no homework should be brought home.... she stays at her tadika from 8.30 till 6pm that should be enough time to do her homework (i must remind the teacher not to give homework to be brought home).... she should rest since standard 1 is very tough... man the topis they cover in standard 1 is far more strenous than my time (not that i notice since i never did any studying or homework till i was 10 years old when i turn over new leaf and started to get As and no more Ds and Es for me .... hehehehe.... I love my dad for never forcing me to study before that but when i went into standard 5 only my dad stressed the importance of studying, maybe because UPSR will be coming soon)

                                                  Farzana Dressed up as Barbie Doll 18.12.2010

  And then my 3rd baby girl that i adore so much , Batrisyia Sharifah 18 months.... now that i am pregnant 8 months with my 4th baby i am so tired and in pain most of the time i do not have time to kiss n hug her as much time as i like too but she never cease wanting to play with me .... How i love her... this morning she climb down the staircase just by holding my hand (so tired to carry her thus need her to walk on her own)...anyway she must learn to be independent as she will be kakak to my 4th baby soon... insyaAllah my final baby is to come on 2nd week of April 2012... May Allah give me strenght to come back from my 4th c-sect in one piece as i need to carry on living n working n cooking n caring n cleaning n loving my kids till they do not need me anymore... after that insyaAllah i will be ready to live this earth to join my Dad in after life... Oh My God i really miss my dad... he is in my toughts 24 by 7 and tears never will cease from coming down from my eyes Al-Fatihah for my beloved A. Kamaludeen a father that a daughter missed soo much.

                                          Batrisyia with her Amma n Atta (Melaka Oct 2010)

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